Dare To Take by Carly Phillips

Reviewed By Isa Jones

Dare to Take by Carly Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It all begins when Ella after completing a photo shoot is not only stranded in a tropical Island but also mugged and hurt. She calls her best friend to explain what has occurred who after hearing her ordeal rushes to one of her brothers to seek help. Unknown to her there is some history between Tyler and Ella. Tyler seems hesitant at first but only because of the way things ended many years ago.
He thought time would put a wedge in his feelings, and after the way he treated Ella he thinks the last person she wants to see when she wakes is him. However, Ella’s feelings run deeper that what he is led to believe, and although hurt from the past rejection, her body only reacts one way when she is near Tyler.
The more they want to fight this attraction, the more the pull increases. Back home Tyler makes everything to make Ella safe, but soon he wont only try to protect her from danger, he will have to protect her from himself. Tyler has lived with a burden which has prevented him to commit and completely open his heart to anyone. And Ella has been rejected by those close to her too many times to allow her to love and be loved. So the journey ahead is not an easy one but boy will it be a rewarding and fulfilling one.

I would have liked to have read more about their relationship prior to present time, but this is book 6 in the Series and I don’t know if we get to read them in previous books. I have downloaded the first book in the series because I would love to read about the other Dare siblings.

Romantic, Well written and with plenty of steamy moments, Dare To Take is one for all lovers of the genre.


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