Heartbreaker by Melody Grace


Heartbreaker by Melody Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Melody Grace’s writing and this book was as good as her rest.

Heartbreaker is the story of Finn and Eva, to kindred spirits which after being separated have a second chance at romance.
Eva had dreams, and a desire to travel, study, see the world and leave her little town behind, but an unexpected turn of events prevent her to make the leap and therefore she remains where she is.
Seeing Finn walk out of her life is heartbreaking and Eva promises to never let anyone break her in this way.
Ah but the gorgeous Finn has other plans. After a successful music career, Finn has become an idol and the rockstar he was born to be. But he wants a clean break and knows the only place he can find peace is back in his hometown, even as this brings painful memories, Finn knows he once left his heart there and now has come back to get it. Things however are not as easy as he planned and he will have to work hard at winning Eva’s affection. One thing not clear is why Eva never left and why she seems so distant. Revelations will bring Finn to a reality he wasn’t expecting to face, and he will have to embrace his past in order to secure his future.
A romantic and beautiful written story of Love and second chances.

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