Salvation by Sloane Kennedy


Salvation by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Sloane Kennedy has become one of my favourite MM writers”

After reading Absolution, the first book in The Protectors Series, I thought I had to read another book by Sloane. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as I was the lucky recipient of an ARC for an honest review.
From the Prologue my heart was soaring. I had to keep on reading to find out more about Ronan’s and Seth’s story. As much as I loved Absolution, for me Salvation was a more cathartic and emotional journey.

Ronan first met Seth whilst going out with his older brother Trace. Although several years his older, they always had a special bond. Ronan used to see Seth only as a friend and someone who was like a younger brother to him, however for Seth the feelings for Ronan even from a young age were always strong. He used to admire Ronan, and what he felt for him instead of scared him and disappear with time, it only grew stronger.
Ronan didn’t have a happy upbringing. Having Trace as a boyfriend allow him not only to have a sense of normalcy but also the affection of a family he always craved. He thrived to make someone of himself who would be good and kind and would always fight to save the lives of others. But in a tragic twist of events the life he had envisioned suddenly is ripped from his grasp and leaves him a completely changed man.
Seeking revenge for what he lost, transforms Ronan into the man he is today. Cold, calmed and collected. Someone who can now as easily take a life in the quest to eradicate the scum from the earth.

Having had the perfect family, Seth goes through a deeply disturbing ordeal losing those who he loved the most in a blink of an eye. Not only did the experience left him with an emotional trauma, he will always bare the physical scars as a reminder of that crucial day.
Tragedy and pain reunite Seth and Ronan, and Seth, who is tired of fighting his emotions, does something that only sends Ronan away from his side and at the time when he needed him the most.

Many years and regrets later bring Ronan back into Seth’s life. This time he is there to repair the damage he caused all those years back and offer the protection he so desperately needs. He tries to still see him as the young and innocent boy he left behind, only to find him grown into a beautiful yet insecure man. Memories of their last encounter has both men on edge, for Seth is a realisation that no matter time or distance nothing will ever be enough to forget the profound love, hurt and betrayal for the person in front of him. For Ronan is the excruciating fear of giving way to his emotions. Emotions that could forever destroy his only chance to do good by Seth. Oh if only that was as easy as it sounds. Seth scars are on display. He bares the pain and embraces his ordeal. Ronan has mastered to concealed them from the world by not allowing anyone to touch him, both physically and emotionally.

I completely fell in love with every aspect of this story. There are so many elements and so many emotions that both characters evoked in me.
The road ahead of them is a rough and painful one. They will each have to face not only their deepest and darkest demons but also open up to one another to completely immerse in what I can only describe as one the most passionate and erotic journeys of self discovery, of redemption of love and ultimately forgiveness, and I was blessed to have taken this quest with them.

Thank You Sloane for giving me the opportunity to read this beautiful story. It will forever remain as one of my ultimate favourites!


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