Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward


Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! This was a book I didn’t want to finish reading. I enjoyed every word from the very first page and I was completely taken by the story.

These two ladies have the IDEAL formula to create not only an entertaining read but the MOTHER of all addictive romances. WHAT A RIDE!

The story evolves around Soraya and Graham. Two very unlikely individuals, they couldn’t be more opposite if they tried but as they saying goes opposite attract. Well don’t think this was love at first sight, oh no, on the contrary they hated each other from the moment they met.
Graham wasn’t supposed to be riding the train, but destiny had it to make sure he was there that morning, he never once looked at Soraya, nor he acknowledged her presence, he was more preoccupied with his ongoing phone call. But he wasn’t planning on leaving his phone behind when he steps off the train. Soraya on the other hand couldn’t take her eyes of the finest specimen of a man that graced her presence that day on her train, so much she observed him that she noticed the forgotten phone. This little electronic equipment wasn’t to know that was going to become the critical link between the unlikely leads and would lead them to the most torrid and electrifying love affair they had ever encountered.
Soraya grew up feeling abandoned, her dad had to make a decision which left her with a broken heart and a dysfunctional family, these events will come to haunt her in her adult life preventing her to fully open up to the idea of being in love and falling in love. Afraid to lose her heart she never truly gives herself  and others the chance, well not until Graham!.

Graham has made a name for himself. He has carry the responsabilities of his business with integrity and a strong head. Once he believed he was in love and gave his heart only to be betrayed by those who he held close, preventing him to commit to another or to fall in love again,
See the pattern? Not so different now right?

Graham and Soraya will embark in a powerful romance. But if they want to have a chance to succeed and overcome the obstacles that life will throw at them, and believe me there will be plenty of those!, they will have to fight their inner demons and accept things for what they are. If they ever want to be happy they will have to have faith in one another and ultimately in themselves.


A complete page turner, funny, sexy with great dialogues and a fabulous story line. One of my favourite reads of 2016 and a MUST HAVE for all!

5 STUpendous STARS!!! Isalovebooks

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