Whiskey Tribute: A Trident Security Novella-Book 5.5. by Samantha Cole


Whiskey Tribute: A Trident Security Novella – Book 5.5 by Samantha A. Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading Marco’s book I really wanted to hear more about Curt and see if he ever acted upon his feeling’s for Dana.

Curt was Eric’s best friend. Eric was married to Dana. As with true brother in arms Curt promised Eric he’d look after his family for him if anything happened to him.

Curt and the rest of the Trident team do just that, they take care of their own. by taking turns making trips to take care of Eric’s family after he loses his life to an assassin.

Marco ‘calls’ Curt on his feelings for Dana and basically gives him the ‘get off the pot’ speech. I just love the Trident men and their ability to ‘call’ each other on their crap. Again, just proves what a close knit, great group of guys they are.

While reading Curt and Dana story I felt all kinds of emotions right along with Dana and Curt. Dana’s feelings of loss, to moving on and Curt’s feeling’s of the loss of his best friend and then his guilt for having feelings for his best friend’s wife. Their struggle is so real. I was in tears many times.

Any book that involves kids is great in my eyes. I think everyone going into a relationship that involves children should take lessons from Curt. He is amazing.

What I found interesting in this book was the fact that there wasn’t the BDSM aspect as with the rest of Trident Series. Not that the sex wasn’t sizzling hot, because it was. I liked this aspect. It shows as with any close ‘family’ everyone respects and is comfortable with each other and how they lead their lives.

This book was very well written. Absolutely love this series!

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