Imminent Domain:Left Behind by Neal JBVerne Release Blitz

Imminent Domain: Left Behind

By Neal J.B. Verne

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Release Date: 17th May 2016





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Imminent Domain: Finding Goldilocks



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The Exploration
Doomed by a dying star his planet orbits, Commander Jake Conley is given the mission to find a Goldilocks Planet. He and his crew of four pilot a reconnaissance ship, using Faster than Light Propulsion—20 times the speed of light. When Goldilocks is found, the society there lives by a completely different set of rules.

Set on claiming Eminent Domain; they find a society, which has survived several world wars, is no push over. Hoping their six months endeavor is over; they find it has only begun. Will their reconnaissance vessel continue to protect them?

The Doomed Planet
Before their star morphs further and ends civilization as they know it; the World Relocation Coalition (WRC) prepares an evacuation of monumental proportions. Using FTL technology, they are building not only war ships, but also enormous luxury transports modeled from cruise ships and capable of transporting five thousand inhabitants each. For those not fortunate enough to get passage on a transport, enormous shelters are being constructed to shield them from their fate.
Not all can go to the new world. The evacuees could be determined by health, age, and status.

Who stays? Who goes? Will they force their way onto this blue planet? Will they be rejected?


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About Author

NJBV LOGOWhile attending school, I became interested in Science fiction and would read it on occasion. I wouldn’t consider myself an avid reader, but I did when I had time. My home life was very busy as we had a large garden and animals that we raised to feed our large family.
I met a beautiful young lady from Ohio and fell in love when I was twenty. We later married and had two wonderful daughters. I now have a grandson that takes up quite a bit of my time.
I designed an adjustable concrete insert and obtained an utility patent during the mid-nineties.
I am currently a Senior Electrical Engineer. I have been an Industrial Electrical Engineer for the past sixteen years.
I have had several different ideas for books over the years and my wife began proofing books a few years back. We attended a signing in New Orleans, LA and I met several authors. I received very useful information about publishing and really considered the possibility. I decided to put my ideas to paper starting with Imminent Domain: Finding Goldilocks.
I believe my life experiences through the patenting process, hand on manufacturing / fabrication, and not only exposure to cutting edge technology but also the resources and ability to implement this technology gives me a unique view on Science fiction information.
Throughout my writing style, you will find it is unique and will present small unannounced mysteries that are answered later on as you read. I feel my writing style is all my own and have found most seem to enjoy this unique way of writing.
I enjoy writing books and creating new and unique worlds. I hope to be able to continue creating stories that everyone will enjoy reading about.
I want to thank those that read and review my books. Reviews help new authors like me. So please, leave a review.


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