A Right To Remain by Beth Rinyu


A Right To Remain by Beth Rinyu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beth Rinyu
A Right To Remain

Wow! My favorite Beth Rinyu yet!

A Right to Remain has it all. Mystery, angst, romance and spicy sexy time.

Lacey suffered a devastating loss, packed up and moved to a sleepy cottage in a small town. She is vulnerable and afraid but so strong in her resolve.

Quinn gave everything he had to his marriage but it still failed. He and his estranged wife suffered a loss that they could not recover from. He is heart broken and he is angry.

Rinyu weaves a great mystery inside of a beautiful romance. I was constantly surprised. The slow burn of Lacey and Quinn’s relationship was a beautiful thing to read. When Lacey rents the cottage from Quinn and he lives in the upstairs apartment they become a source of comfort for each other. To me, this is her best work to date. The hero and heroine are both relatable lovable characters. Of course, Quinn is a hottie and grouchy on the outside and all softy on the inside. Lacey puts up a great front of being fine, but struggles with her losses. Her strength is her resilience.

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The mystery is expertly woven in Lacey and Quinn’s story and puts this book over the top for me.

The Right to Remain is an intriguing journey which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone.

I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

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