Desire After Dark by Marie Force


Desire After Dark by Marie Force
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My rating is 3.5 STARS FOR THIS BOOK

I am very privileged to have received an Advance Readers Copy from Marie Force. I have had the pleasure to read some of her books and she never fails to deliver an utterly romantic story.

This was no exception. I had been dying for these two characters to get their own story and I am so pleased that Marie wrote their book.
After loosing her twin brother, Erin becomes some sort of a recluse. Her anxiety and OCD escalates to dangerous levels, until one day finally reaching rock bottom she decides to end her excruciating ordeal. Luckily her parents were there at the time when Erin needed the support as they help her overcome some of her fears. Never in a million years she imagined that she will fall madly in love with a pilot, when the last thing in Erin’s mind is to ever get herself on a plane.
Sadly I hadn’t read some of the previous books and felt a bit lost at the start of the book and in all honesty would have liked a Prologue to allow me to understand it better. I felt I was simply thrown into the story without knowing what was going on. Obviously as your read on you are in and get totally submerged in it and engrossed with the characters.
Slim is your typical bachelor who has always sworn off marriage. He has seen all his friends take the plunge and make the big commitment. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t met the one for him. And as the story brings them together we are presented with a beautiful and romantic tale of self discovery and the healing power of love.
As much as I enjoyed seeing some of the previous characters making an appearance, I would have liked this book to completely evolve around Erin and Slim.
In overall Desire After Dark is an enjoyable read that fans of the Contemporary Romance Genre will certainly enjoy.


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