Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

I haven’t read a book by Probst previously so when an opportunity presented itself for me to read and review the first book in a new series, I jumped right at it and found it to be quite an enjoyable read.

It took me a while to warm up to Morgan as I found her far too manipulative for my liking but I will say that Probst certainly had me converted by the end of the book. Manipulative tendencies aside, she works at ‘beautifying the world one house at a time’ and is an independent and shrewd businesswoman who can hold her own in a male-dominated industry and for that, she had my respect from the word go.

Caleb on the other hand, I just loved. He’s a hardworking, sexy, alpha male who is trying to hold on to the family business with everything he can, even if it means begging his brothers – with whom he has a very damaged relationship – to help. Sparks fly when he meets Morgan, and they continue to do so throughout the whole book, despite coming across a few hurdles along the way.

I’m really looking forward to both Tristan and Dayton’s book down the track and I’m hoping that we’ll also get to further explore the relationship between the brothers.

*arc received from NetGalley in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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