Guns Blazing by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir


Guns Blazing by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I truly and in all honesty believe that the writing Fairies have put these two authors together because I have never seen such perfection in a book than when these two Authors are at work.
Andrea and Eva are a match made in writing heaven and each time produce something so polished and so perfectly constructed you can only find yourself in book bliss.
I first fell in love with their writing when I was lucky enough to read Black Balled. That book forever ruined me for any other as it set the bar for others to come. And although I have since loved and enjoyed many authors of the genre, to me that book will be forever the ultimate MM read. It wasn’t only the story but how it was developed and how impeccable was written. But I regress. I have taken my time since finishing this book to write my review because, well you see, when you read something so amazingly and incredibly brilliant, you don’t just want to write how much you enjoyed the book but you want to do it with clout.

Where to begin. We met Lloyd in Black Balled as Larson Blackburn “fuck buddy” and, although he played the part of secondary character, we always knew the time will come when he will get his own story. I am sure some of you like me, begged and bugged the Authors into give him his own book and Allas, here we finally are.

As an OCD sufferer myself (well not to the extreme level as Lloyd), I empathise with him and understand the importance of having control on all aspects of life. Sadly that is as far as the resemblance go with him because he is not only a clean freak but also someone extremely intelligent.
When we left him at the end of Black Balled, he seemed to be heartbroken from having to walk away from Larson and although he was (in his own way) happy for him finding the love of his life, he hated the idea to relinquish the man to Troy Babilonia.

Well, since then lets say he has only engaged in casual sex and is not interested in committing to anyone or allowing himself to fall once again for anyone, he seems still pretty miserable without Larson.
As a prominent lawyer he has made a name of himself and he excels and dominates all aspects of the Court, is the place where he is control. If you were to ask me who he reminds me of, I would say I envision him as Harvey Specter from Suits, he once said in one of his many immortal quotes that, “The Only Time Success comes before Work is in the dictionary”. Well Lloyd would say stuff like that.
But of course this is a Romance story too, and our Lloyd is about to get the biggest and most unexpected of visitors in the form of Luke Gunner.

Ah Luke, how can I describe him. Well, he is even smarter than Lloyd. I am talking MENSA material. The man has an enviable memory and is SEXY AS HELL. However he is uncouth where Lloyd is refined, rough where Lloyd is polished and dominant in every sense of the word . But perhaps those traits are what make this unlikely pair such a perfect fit.
Luke suddenly finds himself embroiled in a situation that can ultimately end his life, he therefore needs all the help he can get seeking the one person who can be his salvation, Lloyd.

As much as I would like to spill the beans into how these two “happened”, I am not big on spoilers and I would rather you get yourself to Amazon and ONE CLICK this baby NOW.

A fabulous original plot, total page turner, suspenseful, intense and downright sexy, Guns Blazing is a Must READ.

5 BLAZING STARS. Isalovesbooks

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