The Secret (The Evolution of Sin Series #2) by Giana Darling

REVIEWED BY Lynette Kelly

The Secret
By Giana Darling

Book two the Evolution of Sin Series

Book two immediately picks up from The Affair.  Elle’s week long holiday affair with the man of her dreams is over, she left him without a word never expecting to see him again.
She is making an effort to reconnect with her family in New York, at her welcome home party she is completely shocked to discover that her perfect man affair is the boyfriend of her eldest sister Elena.

Elle and Sinclair are trying to keep the secret, however the connection between them is sizzling hot, and try as they might they cannot keep away from each other.
As with book one, I didn’t see myself routing for Elle and Sinclair, as it was an affair, however the authors writing has mind bending ways of making me change my way of thinking.
Elle is such a great character and I can easily identify her need to reconnect and please her family, even if it at the price of her happiness.  Sinclair is a tougher nut to crack, however we see him softening up a little in this book but the need for control is still there!

This story will suck you in and keep you there until the end, and speaking of the ending another cliffhanger that has left me wanting book 3 ASAP.
I loved getting to know the other characters, and I’m hoping that the author can give other characters their own story especially Cosima, I need to hear her story, I feel it could be spectacular.

I cannot give this book any less than a 5 star review, fast paced and well written, I throughly enjoyed it from beginning to end, now waiting impatiently for book 3 please!

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