Book Review, Take The Money and Run: Malone Brothers Book 1 by Samantha A. Cole


Take the Money and Run: Malone Brothers Book 1 by Samantha A. Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 1 in the Take the Money and Run series. A brand new series. I became a Samantha A. Cole addict while reading her Trident Series.

Moriah is on the run attempting to stay alive.

Seriously hot KC is a Navy Seal arrives at his Uncle Dan’s beach house planning on spending his 4 weeks of leave there to contemplate his future. He’s met at the door by Moriah holding a gun at him. Unknown to him his Uncle has rented the place to her.

This book has it all- suspense, action, intrigue, sizzling chemistry and a wonderful meddling Uncle.

One thing these Malone boys do well is support each other and work together to solve their problems. Throw in some more of the Seals and you got a team that seriously kicks butt!

I absolutely loved this book. I was riveted right from the start. It is just that good!

I cant wait for Book 2!

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