Billionaire Undaunted: The Billionaire's Obsession~Zane by J.S. Scott


Billionaire Undaunted: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Zane by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

J. S. Scott AT HER BEST!!!!

I absolutely fell in love with this story. If we read the last book we know what happened to Chloe and the challenges she had to overcome to find true happiness.
This book picks up pretty much from Chloe’s story, as we see Ellie finding herself in a bit of a tight situation trying to help her best friend from the hands of a madman. In her attempt to fight evil, Ellie puts herself in the middle of danger and ends up being kindnapped, and pretty much left to die. Author J.S. Scott puts the readers in the centre of the story and we can feel every emotion and pain that our female lead is going through. Plenty of Angst but all this is beautifully written and I can only say this as testament of a brilliant writer for it is not easily achieved.
As with other books from this Author, you find yourself unable to put the book down for one second. It’s like a crave, even when you aren’t reading you are continuously thinking of the characters and desperate to get back and read on. Well I just couldn’t turn my back on this book and finished it in one sitting.

Who is Zane Colter. Zane, in my opinion, is the most unusual of the Alpha Billionaire’s. I am not saying his predecessors weren’t smart but Zane is unbelievably smart. His job and what he has accomplished in his line of work makes him a genius and his research a target and easy pray for those seeking fame and fortune. Last we read, he was helping his sister Chloe and has spent all his time searching for Ellie. He knows something is terribly wrong and is desperate to find her.

Zane and Ellie have a long and difficult path to overcome. Ellie must fight not only the demons of her terrible ordeal but also her insecurities before she can let herself be loved. Love on the other hand is an alien feeling for Zane and he, in turn, must learn to deal with all this sudden, powerful and unknown emotions if he doesn’t want to loose the only thing that has ever matter to him.

This story is so emotional. It has all those hot and steamy moments we all love and have learnt to live without from these books. Plenty of twists and turns and a lovely reunion from past characters, plus a snippet into the next Billionaire to grace our shelves!! eek I say no more…Just remember

5 HEARTFELT STARS Isalovesbooks

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