Book Review, Bryan & Jase, The Beginning: Something About Him by A.D. Ellis

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Bryan & Jase, The Beginning: Something About Him by A.D. Ellis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read books by this Author before. The Torey Hope Series which I absolutely loved but those were an M/F so when I heard about her writing an M/M I was more than a little intrigued. This is a short read introducing you to two of the main characters, Bryan and Jase. I downloaded for free and you can too. It is definitely a good way to see if you would like the full length story that I know is available because I have also downloaded. I enjoyed this introduction so much that I have to read more.

Jase is married, I am not even going to repeat her name because the woman is a heartless b……. Both Bryan and Jase are in the Army spending long lengths of time away from home. Bryan does not hide who he is meaning Jase knows he’s gay. Jase on the other hand is in complete denial.

Bryan has dreamed of being with Jase for so long he knows nothing will ever happen. He is happy to remain friends. He believes that once they are both back home, he’ll never even see Bryan again. What first turns out as a long standing joke between the two of them becomes reality. Bryan can’t believe it’s happening and it’s good that he stays grounded because Jase quickly remembers where he is and who he is, leaving Bryan angry and upset.

When Jase eventually plucks up the courage, he apologies to Bryan about leaving him standing wondering what the hell had just happened. He doesn’t expect what happens next. It’ explosive, it’s hot and it certainly sets the sheets on fire. As much fun as they were having together, the feelings were becoming stronger and all that it does leads to a whole load of complications.

After their time away, the time comes to say goodbye. God that was hard to read, I wanted the happy ever after for God sake not goodbye but it’s only the beginning so I am off to read what happens next in Bryan and Jase’s life. I am almost sure with a wife like that it will not be an easy ride.

I would recommend to all lovers of M/M Romance and it is absolutely FREE to download.

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