Book Review, Legend by Katy Evans

REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard

Legend by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I sigh in satisfaction at the culmination of this read. A read that I have put off because I didn’t want to complete a beloved series. It’s done, but it will be re-read again and again; its a happy place. I am not a fan of fighter books, but I am a fan of Katy Evan’s fighter books. There’s something about the characters she creates in this series, the magnetism of the heroes, the brooding and gorgeousness that just sings to me. Maverick Cage was a beautiful, perfect second to Remington Tate and what made this book so wonderful was these two together. Mentor, mentored, trainer, trained. Those glimpses into the life of Remy, Brooke and Racer were special but didn’t detract from the Maverick and Reece’s story; they complimented the narrative.

Reece was a truly identifiable character. She wasn’t particularly special or at least not to herself. She was normal, kind and it was so good to see this kind of girl centre focus.

I realise I am gushing and possibly less coherent in this review than normal but this is what happens when you just sit back, read and revel in the ride. I cannot wait for what Katy Evans has in store for the future as she has created some of my favourite male characters of all time.

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