Book Review, Match This by MJ Fields

Match This!

Match This! 
by M.J. Fields (Goodreads Author)
Tina Todd shobe‘s review

Jun 14, 2016
it was amazing

This is a hilarious look into online dating.

Kat is shocked when she looks at her Mom’s phone and see she’s is participating in a dating site. She makes a deal with her Mom and they both are going to try the online dating scene for 2 weeks. Her friends and mom ‘twek’ her online profile and set her up on dates. Her dating experiences are so funny especially with her ‘mean’ personality. There was several times I had to go back to re-read a section because I was thinking “no she didn’t” so I’d re-read it and ‘yes, she did’. She’s awesome!

There was several laugh out loud moments in this book. I have tears in my eyes right now writing this review thinking about what all happened in this book.

Kat’s not close to her Mom and I think a part of that is because of her father passing when she was younger and she has shut herself off emotionally because she doesn’t want to get hurt. She’s not really ‘close’ to anyone but a couple girlfriends.

I love her don’t give a crap attitude. She is projecting herself as the type of girl you absolutely hate. As the book progresses you begin to see that there is more layers to Kat and her co-workers including Rocco are chipping away at her layers.

I think Rocco can see the real Kat. The book just starts to take off with those two and the book ends. I couldn’t decide if I was aggravated that it was ending where it did or super excited because I know there’s a book 2.

I received a copy of this book for an honest opinion

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