Book Review, Ready For Flynn, Part 1 by K.L. Shandwick

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Ready for Flynn, Part 1 by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Was I ready for Flynn? Most definitely, YES!!! It was love at first sight on all counts. This story took me on a journey through the life of some amazingly strong characters. Flynn is the guy that every girl dreams of, he can get the blood racing through your veins with just a look. His passion is music, writing, playing guitar. He has used music as a way to get through life, having to deal with some very traumatic situations while he was just a young boy. The emotions this Author has been able to portray are outstanding. I can only imagine the amount of research one would have to do to achieve the level of understanding this Author seems to have while delving into the lives of Flynn and the Darsin family.

Valerie Darsin is a teenage girl with the mind of an adult. She is very self motivated into learning anything in order to achieve her dreams. Valerie’s family are very protective of her, being the only girl amongst four head strong older brothers it’s a wonder she is even allowed outside. The thing is, Valerie may only be fifteen but she is a very beautiful young lady and very talented in many things. It’s hard for any young man even an adult not to look at her and think, WOW!!

Martin Darsin is not only Valerie’s brother but he’s her best friend. They are very close. Martin moves away to college but that doesn’t stop him from worrying about his little sister or missing her and vice versa. The whole family is exactly that “family” who looks out for each, share life events together. If Adam has a football game they all attend. It’s something that many people don’t have in this world. Flynn certainly didn’t have that while growing up, I believe he is in awe seeing how family life can be.

Kayden the eldest Darsin brother is the quiet one and you know what they say about the quiet ones. I sensed that he was a very passionate guy but was always in the background. I’m hoping to hear a lot more about Kayden along the way. When Valerie returns home from staying with her Aunt it’s Kayden that is there for her while Martin is at college and Adam is doing his thing.

Valerie is finally home, her brothers are all home and Martin has brought his friend along to stay not wanting him to be by himself over the holiday’s. That’s the kind of guy Martin is, he has a heart of gold. Now he did have one reservation and warned Flynn, that’s the friend staying over by the way, I KNOW!! EEEK!! He warned him not to even attempt flirting with his younger sister.

In my head I have a song playing over and over while writing this review and it’s only one line that’s on repeat. ‘It started with a kiss’, I don’t even recall the rest of the song but that one line sums up this first part of this story for me.

Tragedy strikes the Darsin family in the worst possible way. It’s a horrific time for them all. God it was hard for me to even read. I felt like I was feeling all their emotions, specially Valerie. Being the youngest in the family is hard enough when you constantly feel like your being treated like a child but not having or not feeling like you have any support to get through things leaves the worst ache inside of you.
Flynn turns up to give Valerie the support and although she doesn’t accept it, Flynn is exactly what Valerie needs.

Sometimes while reading many of us readers, I know I do, shout out thinking I can’t believe the writer did that but there is a reason for everything in this life even in a story. I am grateful that I was able to read this book and I can’t wait to read part two.

KL Shandwick I thank you for writing ‘Ready for Flynn’ that was an emotional rollercoaster ride, a wild ride at that.

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