Book Review, Witchy Sour by Gina LaManna

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Witchy Sour by Gina LaManna
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are a Gina LaManna fan, you will know that she is a very talented young author. I am undoubtedly enjoying this series. It has a perfect mix of mystery and magic put together, with a hint of romance.

In this second book, Lily is still studying hard as the new Mixologist with Gus racking the whip everyday. Her supernatural cousins are around, although poor Poppy has been feeling under the weather with her blood issues and Zin is determined to crack the Rangers test. Things are a bit off altogether with the Mixology book missing, then cloaked men roaming the Island. And just when you think it is safe to visit the Forest, the Fae have other ideas!

A great mystery will have you guessing, thinking ahead, gasping and take you on a twist and turn adventure, and that is what you will find with this book, and series. There is more emphasis on the mystery, the supernatural beings are not unbelievable, and the events are intriguing. Another job well done Miss LaManna.

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