Book Review, Hidden by Stephanie St. Klaire


Hidden by Stephanie St. Klaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hidden is the 2nd book in the McKenzie Ridge Series. I have been counting down the days for the release of this book as soon as I finished Rescued, the first book in the series.

The author has a way of pulling you into the book that has you anxiously turning pages and loosing sleep to finish it and when you’ve finished you’re actually let down because you never wanted it to end.

Colton is everyone’s dream guy…hot firefighter who is a natural caretaker. You can tell that right from the beginning when you meet his horde of animals.

Megan has moved to McKenzie Ridge with her nephew. The attraction between Colton and Megan is instant and grows stronger by the day. Megan does her best to fight that attraction because she knows it could mean danger and heartache for Colton.

This book has it all, the characters are great, there is chemistry, there is intrigue, there is danger, there is seriously some heart warming moments.

I consider this book an absolute must read! I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Stephanie St. Klaire I love the way you write and draw this readers into your books!

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