Book Review, Imperfectly Matched! by M.J. Fields


Imperfectly Matched! by M.J. Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so excited that I got to read Imperfectly Matched right after I finished Match This. I don’t think I’ve had two books that I’ve enjoyed more.
After getting to know Kat and Ricco in Match This I definitely wanted more.

Kat portrays such a tough persona that she keeps people at a distance. I think she does it to protect herself from being hurt. Ricco sees right through her. It’s not very often that you get someone that actually ‘gets’ you.

Kat’s match ups through the Dating Website are absolutely hilarious. She is so snappy and fast with the comebacks. There are parts in this book that I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard.

Throw in Natalia, Ricco’s sweet and precious little girl and this book is absolutely perfect.

Love that Ricco and Kat get their happily ever after.

I really hope that the author, MJ, continues with the stories of the other characters in these books. They helped make this book outstanding.

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