Book Review, Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace


Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Awww this is another super cute read from Melody Grace.

We had met Dee in her Oak Harbor #1 “Heartbreaker” and I was looking forward to hear her story.

Dee finds herself in a sticky situation and after several attempts to correct her predicament a “good samaritan” comes to her rescue. The attraction towards said stranger is strong and powerful and something that Dee wasn’t expecting from the situation. After a impulsive and “reckless” move on the girl who was in desperate need for help, our Knight in shining armour, Will decides to relocate his whole life and start fresh in the picturesque town Oak Harbor. Stalker he is not, but he seems like one in Dee’s eyes. She can’t understand someone would just up and move to be close to her. She is weary of his intentions, with good reasons. An event from the past has marked her and left her insecure towards relationships. Will (oh gorgeous Will), would not be deterred and will stop at nothing to win Dee’s heart. However when relationships don’t start with honestly how can Will expect to knock those walls in which Dee hides.

A romantic and easy read. To be honest maybe I was expecting more angst but in overall a solid and well delivered story.


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