Book Review, Black Ink: Part II by N.M. Catalano


Black Ink: Part II by N.M. Catalano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gemma and Alexander both had their own agenda in the beginning. They both find so much more. When Alexander empire is being threatened along with Gemma’s safety. He knows there is a lot at stake. He intends on finding out who the threat is and why. His main focus is on how he is going to keep Gemma safe.

This story was amazing. The chemistry between Gemma and Alexander is smokin hot. I loved seeing Alexander and Gemma’s more vulnerable side. It helped both of them let their guard down. The action in this book has you at the edge of your seat. I still have no clue who could be behind it. When I got to the end of it, I said few curse words because I was not ready for it to end yet. I am excited to see what NM Catalano has in store for us in part 3.

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