Book Review, Hard Edit (Black Balled, #2) by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir


Hard Edit by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I had the privilege to read and reviewed Black Balled I was sadden to finish the book and saying goodbye to these amazing characters.
Black Balled was something very special and if I was to describe it in one word what comes to mind will be: MAGNIFICENT.
If you still haven’t read it PLEASE do so now, as Hard Edit will be twice as enjoyable.
As soon as I heard that the dynamic duo of Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir were reunited and writing “Hard Edit” a spinoff of BB, I was ecstatic, excited and been counting the days to read this baby.
Perhaps you have heard that sequels aren’t good, that sometimes is hard to come back as strong or stronger with a clever plot and deliver a great book.

Cambridge online English Dictionary defines “page-turner” as;
a book that is so exciting that you want to read it quickly.

Oxford online English Dictionary simply defines it as “an exciting book”.

Merriam-Webster online Dictionary defines it as;

a book, story, etc., that is difficult to stop reading because it is so interesting.

Non of those descriptions come even close to put into words how extraordinary this book was. I seriously didn’t want to finish reading. I was torn with wanting to get the conclusion and still having something epic to read the next day LOL.

Larson and Troy or “Troyson” as I call them, are back and in this instalment we see their unlikely relationship blossoming through the pages plus all the hurdles and mishaps they must endure in order to get their HEA.
Misunderstandings, miscommunications and mistrust bring complications to their perfectly constructed life, plus Troy has a surprise in store for Larson (insert evil laughter here).
Our Authors went seriously to town with this one and had me laughing out loud, gasping for air, sighing and running for the tissues, it just had everything I want to see in a book and all the elements that make it a great read.

Creative dialogue= Check

Easy flow of the story= Check

Original Plot= Check

Not One but Two sexy characters= Check

A plethora of funny, sexy & hot situations=Check and Check and triple checked.

Unexpected Twists=Check

The list is simply endless!.

Andrea and Eva were born to write, each are so talented and have produced fabulous books on their own. But put them together and what you get is PERFECTION.

Hard Edit is a phenomenal book, one that will be HARD to match and Impossible to forget.



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