Book Review, Love Tap by M.N. Forgy


Love Tap by M.N. Forgy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read from M.N. Forgy. This story is told in a dual pov which works well for this book. I enjoyed getting to know the character’s in this way. We get to see their friendship as kids, when they were apart and when their fighting for there future.

Tate leaves school once she realizes its not making her happy. She wants to make her dreams come true by becoming a MMA fighter. She returns home to chicago. She has a few challenges to overcome but she is ready to fight for what she wants.

Camden made his dream come true by becoming an MMA fighter but something happened and he is not sure on how to move forward.

They both are at a turning point and need a little extra push in the right direction so they can make all their dreams come true.

This story was amazing. I enjoyed the chemistry and the banter between Tate and Camden. They know all the right buttons to push to get a reaction from the other. There were twists and turns, I did not see coming and a fantastic ending to the book. I look forward to reading more stories by M.N. Forgy.

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