Book Review, Low by Mary Elizabeth


Low by Mary Elizabeth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whelp, never saw that coming! Honestly I picked this book because of the cover. Shallow you say, well yeah maybe, or just a sucker for a hot bad boy. My point being, I went in blind and was blown away by the ending of this book. As the synopsis suggests (which I only just read), definite Bonnie and Clyde vibe.

Lowen has made some mistakes in his life and wants to be a better man for his Poesy who has stood by his side through the rough times. His father wasn’t a good person and he wants to do more for Poesy. She is the suburb daughter expected to grow up, go to college and marry the good boy, but her heart is already taken by Low, the ultimate bad boy.

The ups and downs and lordy the feels. So many feels. I couldn’t read fast enough dying to know what happened. I wiped a tear or two from my cheeks and giggled, swooned; oh yeah and cursed a few times.

Low is dark and sexy. If you want a fluff read, walk away. If you want something gritty and hot, here is your winner! It is not mainstream but this is a well written heartwrencher with a WTF ending!

Loved this one!

Reviewed by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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