Book Review, Priest by Sierra Simone


Priest by Sierra Simone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Priest is not for everyone. Definitely for a mature audience as it is steamy. I enjoy the naughty stories, but am not Catholic so…I am not offended by a fallen priest where others might be.

Tyler, Father Bell, is a hot priest who joined the clergy after a tragedy befell his sister. Maybe he was meant to be a priest, maybe he used it as an escape.

Poppy is melancholy. She carries guilt like a fashion hand bag.

“Find whatever love is left in your life and hold on to it tightly. And one day, things will have gotten less gray, less dull.”
Theirs is a burning attraction love story. The problem with that is someone always gets burnt.

“Whatever happens after this, I just want you to know that this was worth it. You were worth it. You were worth everything.”

Sierra Simone has written a story that will offend some; burn up some kindles, but no matter it is a story that is compelling.

Reviewed by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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