Book Review, Stroked by Meghan Quinn

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Stroked by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stroked is a must read for all Meghan Quinn fans, and all fans of Rom-Coms. She just has a way of creating characters with substance but also with enough flaws to make it real. I feel this book is another winner for her.

We have three main characters for Stroked, but it is not your typical love triangle. Firstly is the loveable Paisley, or Mauve if you feel like it. She is a dark haired beauty who after “the incident” is now the assistant to a reality couple. Enter Reese King, the swimming olympic medalist that is on his last chance for gold and his “girlfriend” Bellini Chambers, the reality star diva that you are going to love to hate. She did grate on my nerves, but I feel that was very intentional, so job well done.

Paisley is destined to prove to her superiors and family that she can handle this job and won’t make any more mistakes, especially falling for the hot swimmer. Bellini is not an easy person to work with, and causes all sorts of problems for her, calling her by a different name being the least. Reese has other things on his mind, his last bid at the Rio olympics and maybe a certain dark haired girl!
You can tell that this isn’t going to end well for one of them.

There are some funny parts to this book that I was giggling with, and some where I was shaking my head at. As I said, Bellini is one character! I also didn’t really get the whole relationship thing with Reese and Bellini, I didn’t quite see how it benefitted him but I certainly did see how he was good for her. All in all, this is a great book to read. You’ll get to appreciate the lengths an athlete goes through to achieve a medal. There are some hot sex scenes between the couple that will keep you warm on winters night! Maybe even a few tears like me but always lots of humor to keep us happy.

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