Book Review, The Fix by Sylvie Stewart


The Fix by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fix was an enjoyable story and the first I read from Sylvie. I think we all need some of those once in a while.
What I liked about is that is very real, in spite of being a fiction story, we have all been on that side of the spectrum when life has thrown us of balance and we have to juggle and deal with the challenges of life.
Laney is such a beautiful girl who is just, to the best of her abilities, dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a single mum at the young age of 25, her son is challenging and her brother is happy just to roam around the house like the world doesn’t deserve him. Finally when he is forced to step up to the plate he lands a construction job with a company run by Nate Murphy.
Nate is a confident and hardworking character, super family oriented who has moved back home to take over the company after his dad had a heart attack. As the man in charge he has to play the part and just make sure the job gets done, so when he takes on the latest job and a woman stands up as part of the neighbourhood watch he can’t seem to help gravitate towards her, even is she can make his life and choices more complicated.
A feel good and heartfelt story, for those who love a HEA.

ARC received in exchange of an honest review.

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