Book Review, Trusting Cade by Luna David

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Trusting Cade by Luna David
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trust me when I say this book is a must read. Custos Securities is owned by two best friends, Cade and Cooper. These two awesomely hot alpha males have many friends and family around them that will leave you wanting to read about each and everyone of their stories.

Cade is rethinking his life and has decided that maybe he’ll never find Mr, Right. His one night stands just aren’t enough anymore. The type of men he has tried to have a relationship with aren’t his type at all. They are too much like him and Cooper has informed him that’s not the right partner for him. Cade is a man that likes to take the lead, to be in control. He has a strong protective instinct. The guys he has been with don’t need him and Cade definitely needs to be needed.

When Cooper and Cade decide to pay a surprise visit to their families while checking out another job, it’s almost like fate. Cooper’s sister is in need of help not for herself but for her best friend, Braden. She loves Braden deeply and fears for his safety.
The moment Cade sets his eyes on Braden everything else just disappears. He’s never believed in love at first sight but he is having to rethink because he is so drawn to Braden without even knowing anything about him. While reading this story, I could sense Cade’s need to be close to Braden. The power behind the Author’s words bringing this story to life was outstanding.

Braden is a beautiful man, he has a heart of gold and loved by many people that know him. He doesn’t like to interact with many people, he much prefers to be in his kitchen baking. Braden has suffered in the past with partners that he trusted to love him but they abused that love. His present problems are a lot for anyone to handle. His health, his safety both at risk.

So much happens in this story, it just amazes me how it was all put together to flow like I was reading not just one person’s life but many. It was emotional at times, fun to read, it was hot, almost every emotion was evoked in me. By the end of this book, I blew out a huge breath and thought, WOW!! When is the next book out? I am certainly hooked and looking forward to many more stories involving these men.

Do you love M/M? Do you love hot, strong alpha males? Do you love an outstanding story that leaves you breathless? Do you love finding new Authors? Well look no further, this Author was new to me and I can’t emphasise how great this book was.

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