Book Review, Two Little Lies: a romantic suspense novel by Gina LaManna

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Two Little Lies: a romantic suspense novel by Gina LaManna
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am fast becoming a Gina LaManna stalker fan. This series is one of my favs that I know I will treasure for a long time. This is the second book for this series, and I am hoping not the last. It is one that is good for all ages.

Book two picks up not too long after Book one, and Scarlett and Mack are awaiting the outcome of the trial of his father. Noelle comes home with some exciting news, and then things just all turn to disaster! The Gurlz are around to help out as much as possible, but sometimes even they can’t predict what is around the corner.

A few things that I absolutely loved about this book, the relationship between Mack and Scarlett just gets better and stronger. I appreciate Scarlett being a strong independent woman, but also that she knows it doesn’t demean you to ask for help from your man. I also loved the relationship between Noelle and Scarlett, best friends from childhood that has last even with distance.

I loved the cross over between the two series, and hoping this is a hint of Mack and Scarlett visiting Minnesota more often. Lacey and Scarlett have more in common than just their men. Great work Gina.

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