Book Review, Forbidden Seduction by Teresa Gabelman

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Forbidden Seduction by Teresa Gabelman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forbidden Seduction

I have been like an eager beaver waiting to get my hands on this book. Have you read ‘The protectors’ by this Author? No, well, my God you need to, the VC Warriors is fantastically written, you will want to read book after book. If you have read The Protectors Series you would have met, Hunter. And guess what? Hunter is in this book. OMG!! I absolutely love shifter romances and this Author writes them brilliantly.

This is book two in the Lee County Wolves series, I believe it can be read as a standalone, but having said that, I do advise you to read book one first because, well, it’s awesome and when you read book two you will already know some of the characters.

Hunter returns home after dramatically outing his community. It was one of those occasions where it was instinct for Hunter, saving someones life above all else. He got my vote that’s for sure.
His family back home are obviously unhappy with him for several reasons and one of those reasons is every man/wolf is trying to take over the town but in order to do that they must first win in a battle between them and the Alpha of the pack/town. The Alpha is non other than Hunter’s brother, Garrett.

He knows his brother is a strong leader and will defend his pack, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling guilty. Another reason Hunter is not looking forward to being back in his home town is because of a young woman named, Emily. He has had his fair share of women, I mean the guy is a hottie and a shifter for God’s sake, just thinking about him sends shivers down my spine. So anyway where was I, oh yes, Emily.

Hunter was nasty to her, I know, right? totally out of character for him, but it’s true he was actually mean to her. Grrrr!! so not what I expecting of him. He has lots of things to apologise for and some making up to do.
Turns out he arrives home just in time because his family needs him to help protect the people of his little town and Hunter needs to realise that having a mate isn’t so bad after all, maybe?

If you love shifter romance then this is the book for you. If you have never read a shifter romance before, I recommend you start with book one of this series. Trust me, it’s like a brilliant romance with twice the power, more possessiveness, more Alpha male, more hotness, more loving, yep it’s just MORE..

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