Book Review, Hard Edit by Andrea Smith & Eva LeNoir

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Hard Edit by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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July 18th, 2016
Title: Hard edit: Sequel to “Black Balled”
Genre: Gay Romance
Author: Andrea Smith & Eva LeNior
Jo’s Grade: 5 Stars

The Gospel According to Jo:

If you haven’t read Black Balled yet, I encourage you to take the journey. This next instalment and apparently the last, BOO!! Is even better, even hotter, even funnier, even quirkier. Oh! I am a huge fan of Troy and Larson, not in the stalker sense because we all know how Troy feels about that. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about. Hmmm, only one thing for it, no I am not taking trip down memory lane and going over what happen in book one, you need to read. hehe!! I know you hate me, well that’s okay because Larson hated Troy and look where that got them, in lust, in love, in it forever.
I have seriously laughed my head off while reading this story. Not just laughed out loud, I’m talking giggling my head off till I had tears rolling down my face. Not only am I totally on Troy and Larson’s wave length, and completely get their sense of humour, I understand the relationship they have fits them. It’s weirdly lovable to read. I just couldn’t help but understand the dynamics of their relationship. Obviously the credit for that can only go to the writers, these ladies should definitely write more M/M together. Hint Hint!!

The elderly neighbour, Ida is hilarious, there was a scene where she was having a heart to heart with Troy and to say he was uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going was an understatement. She certainly has a way with words that’s for sure. Troy on the other hand is tongue tied, haha!!

I am actually laughing while writing this review as another scene pops into my head. I swear I wish I could share with you all, but the profanities are not something I can repeat, well not in a review. I’m no prude you know. HA! Of course you know, I’ve just read Hard Edit and want more. Greedy much?

You know how they say opposites attract? After reading this book, I would have to agree. They also say, you get like the ones you live with. Let’s hope Troy learns to use a coaster at all times since “he’s sleeping with the Coaster King of Manhattan”, Quoting Troy. HAHA!!

Larson and Troy go to a book signing. Sound familiar? The lead up to the signing was another reason, I couldn’t stop laughing. Larson organising his swag. OMG!! If you are an Author, you know all about ordering your swag with your own brand on. And for you readers who love the swag, shame we can’t get Larson’s. I’d love a coaster. HAHAHA!!

Remember, Lloyd? He’s got his own story to share in Guns Blazing which is available to download, but we get a little glimpse of Lloyd on his knees, well at least Larson does. Awkward!!!
This book is just jammed pack with fun, laughter, lust, love. It’s an exciting read and I would definitely recommend to all lovers of Gay Romance.

Andrea Smith & Eva LeNoir, YOU NAILED IT!! I didn’t think it could top Black Balled, but was I wrong. If Gay Romance readers don’t love this book, I will suck my…… And that is my cue to leave this review.

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