Book Review, Walker by Kathi S. Barton

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Walker by Kathi S. Barton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shifters, It’s my weakness. I can’t get enough of them, Wolves, Bears, Cats, Tigers, I mean anything and I’m a goner, lost in a fantasy story for hours.
The Bowen boys have kept me entertained for quite some time and since reading this series, I found other books by this Author that are a must read. I love it when I find a complete new series to lose myself in.

How to describe Walker Bowen? He’s handsome, okay strike that, he’s beyond handsome, he’s a doctor, popular amongst the locals and he’s a shifter. Yep, there’s going to be one very lucky lady, well if he ever finds his mate. Unfortunately none of the Bowen boys have ever found their mate, the one person that holds the other half of them and makes them feel complete.

A woman called Caitlynne McCray enters the Bowen’s family life after nearly being killed. Walker obviously realises that this woman means more to him, but his brother, Khan doesn’t like humans and since he is the leader of his pack, they will abide by his rules, pffff! He got my back up the instant he spoke. Walker is a good man and doesn’t want to hurt his brother but if Caitlynne is his mate he will protect her with everything he has.

Caitlynne McCray is no push over, this woman is feisty much to Khan’s dismay. She works for the FBI or is it the CIA, okay, either way she seems to be everywhere, she doesn’t trust easy unless you’re the President and even then it’s no easy feat getting her to open up. She lives a dangerous life and doesn’t want the Bowen’s to become collateral damage. So for their sake she needs to move on and out of their lives. Yeah good luck with that. Seriously if a shifter knock on my door now, I’d be gone. Bags packed and ready to live the life of a shifters mate which involves being loved like never before, the sex is like having an outer body experience, the instinct to protect is so great. What have these women got to complain about? LOL!!

I loved the characters in this book, from the parents to all the Bowen boys. If you love shifter romances then you definitely need to check out this series.

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