Book Review, Zac's Mulligan, Guarding The Gods: Book One by Ann Lister

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Zac’s Mulligan by Ann Lister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want a do-over, I want to read this book again and then probably again. The Rock Gods series had me hooked. I fell completely in love with the characters of each new story I read and I was patiently waiting for this first book in Guarding The Gods to be released. It was an exceptional read, a story of true love that never fades. It gives you hope that anything is possible. It gave us a sneak peak into how The Rock Gods lives are doing. Oh My God!! it gave me so much laughter, I just want more.

Zac is a bodyguard working for, Ventura Security since leaving the Military. He works along side fellow ex marines protecting The Rock Gods. If you read, Beyond The Music you will know, Zac was injured and had to take some time off. Even though he wasn’t around the guys for a while, they still kept in touch with him. He was particularly close to Lincoln.
The guys in Black Ice and Ivory Tower have always been like a family to each other, ‘Brothers by choice’ is the term they use and for their protection detail it is no different, they have welcomed them into their circle of trust and are treated like family.

Zac watches the love that goes on around him and he wants what they have. They only person that meant anything to Zac was Ben, his childhood best friend. Zac decides he needs to man up and pay Ben a visit. Jesus!! after ten years, I thought this should be interesting, imagine not only having your best friend from your teenage years turn up at your door, but the one person who you became sexually adventurous with. So you know, I kept on reading and you will too because no spoilers in this review. Sorry!!

Ben not only lost his best friend when he was younger but he lost the love of his life. He really hasn’t had it easy. Ben has had many things to deal with by himself no less. No real support because he just couldn’t deal with his mother.
He is a brilliant artist and many famous people are dying to work with him. The last person Ben expects to see is Zac. It’s not the warmest welcomes I have ever read, in fact it’s probably warmer in the antarctic. LOL!

There is so much going on in this story it’s just…. WOW!! Did that happen? and really, he was? No way, she didn’t let that happen. Yep, it is filled with some heart stopping moments, I will admit I had some tears, I am only human, but you know the credit for bringing out all these different emotions out can only go to the Author.

It was a sensational start to what, I am one hundred percent sure will be an epic series. I totally recommend to all The Rock Gods fans and to all lovers Gay Romance.

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