Book Review, The Manny by Susan Ward

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4 stars

The Manny (Locked & Loaded #1)

By Susan Ward

This story was surprisingly a delight to read, and I feel I need to point out that this was my first M/M read and I went into this book without any expectations and an open mind. I found myself really liking Graham, he was such a cool guy, strong, very demanding yes, but he had a soft spot and kids was one of them, even though he wouldn’t admit that. I think if I knew him in person we would be friends, as in he would be the best guy to be my protector, and I would enjoy trying out new recipes on him. I really connected with him. Graham is such an Alpha male that knows what he wants and is confident enough with himself to take control when he needs to and let go when he cares to. I found myself smiling and at points having a little giggle and next I was fanning my face because the scene was so hot.

The story line, plot of this book was well written and put together, I wanted to keep reading because the story was very intriguing. For me it’s always more enjoyable if there is a realistic and mysterious story line that keeps me guessing and wanting to find out. This book did that for me.

When Graham meets the one, he is as well a very Dominant man and they click like a spark of lightening that neither want to ignore. What happens next is when I was hooked and kept reading to the end. I would go on more about how much I enjoyed this book but it’s difficult without giving too much away. (at least for me) I was gifted this book and so I wanted to leave an honest review. I’d give this book a 4 stars.  Thanks for writing this book.

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