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Heist: The Men of Law

By Casey Clipper 





Jason Campbell and his team are on a mission – to find the jewelry thief that has hit every store in their town. They have zero leads. Their cagey burglar uses equipment and uncanny skills to prevent the detectives from gaining ground in the case that has dragged on far too long. Jason’s endless hours working on this case are taking a toll. He has no life outside of his job. His nights are spent alone in a cold bed with dreams of a faceless bandit haunting him. Yes, their suspect is a woman bent on toying with law enforcement. Hannah Lakely is doing whatever it takes to survive. After escaping from the men who her parents owe money, she vows never to be put in a vulnerable position to be injured again. Those men favor breaking bones, specifically hers. Hannah does what is necessary for a woman with no high school diploma, no college education, no skill set, and in need of a large sum of money immediately to pay off her parents’ loan. A world of crime is an empty life with no one to count on except for her only friend, who is also her conspirator. She’s alone in the world, always looking over her shoulder for the mob or law enforcement, afraid of the day that either catches up with her. Jason’s life of non-committed relationships is one that leaves him lonely at times, but he accepts that drawback after watching two of his LEO brothers go through hell in their marriages. Why does he need that hassle? It’s difficult enough to find a good woman, let alone one who can tolerate being in a relationship with a detective. A law enforcement career can test even the best of couples. But Jason’s world is turned upside down when he literally runs into a red-haired spitfire. Her fiery attitude amuses him. Smitten with the entrancing woman, he decides to pursue. Hannah can’t believe that she’ attracted the attention of law enforcement in a different manner than she ever expected. She knows she shouldn’t entertain the officer’s blatant attraction, but Jason won’t take no for an answer. When she relents, deciding to cave to the determined detective, she certainly never expects to connect to him on a physical and emotional level. Jason’s personal life is settling into place. Hannah’s world is crumbling around her as she finds herself falling for a man who could put her in jail for a very long time, if he finds out her secret. Jason admits he may be more than just entranced with this gorgeous woman. Hannah’s desperate and attempts to walk away from the life she’s led, until the mob catches up to her. Again. What happens when Hannah tries to rid herself of the men who threaten her life by heisting the most secure jewelry store she’s ever attempted? What happens to the couple if Jason and his unit figure out who their thief really is? What happens when Jason questions everything he thought he knew, including his career? And what happens when Hannah’s life is put in danger because of decisions made by Jason and his team? This is not a cliffhanger series. Each novel in the series can be read as a standalone.


Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Contemporary Romantic Suspense Author Casey Clipper is from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s a noted sports fanatic, chocolate addict, and has a slight obsession with penguins. Like you, she’s an avid romance reader and loves to lose herself in a good book. Casey is an active member of the Romance Writers of America, Contemporary Romance Writers, Three Rivers Romance Writers, Kiss of Death, and ASMSG. Casey is the recipient of the 2015 JABBIC HBARWA Contemporary Romance Short Readers’ Choice Award.

Casey’s Current Titles Available

Silent Love (The Love Series, book 1)

Unexpected Love (The Love Series, book 2)

Dangerous Love (The Love Series, book 3)

Taken Love (The Love Series, book 4)

Fire (A Quinn Brothers Story)

Snow (A Quinn Brothers Story)

Ice (A Quinn Brothers Story)

The Quinn Brothers Story Series in paperback

The Boss’s Love: Anniversary Edition

Scarred (a novella)


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Owning Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC #3)

By Shelly Morgan 




Available on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited


Mack DeVin has always been hard, in charge, and unstoppable…

As president of the Forsaken Sinners MC, Mack has a reputation to uphold and a family to protect, but when a bullet puts him in the hospital, everything is ripped away. Unable to walk and lead his club, Mack starts to lose hope that he’ll get better. That is until a spitfire of a nurse walks into his room. Nurse Rose isn’t threatened by him and pushes him to his limits. She gives him hope that he can get his life back.

Rose Chamberlain hates motorcycle gangs and everything about them. That includes their President…

Rose’s brother Anthony is a member of The Street Kings MC, known for violence and never taking no for an answer. She makes it a point to stay away from him and any other gang member, including her patient. Except she can’t seem to say no to Mack. The more she gives in to him, the more she realizes he’s nothing like her hothead brother.

But a deal has been made, and payment is due…

Anthony has promised his sister to The Street Kings President in return for a promotion. He kidnaps Rose from the life she’s built and the man she’s starting to love. The Street Kings better be ready to pay for their mistake because Mack is back in charge of the Forsaken Sinners and he’s willing to fight for what he wants…

But is Rose ready to become any man’s old lady? Or will she walk away from them all forever and make her own destiny?

Tagline: Life is like riding a bike…take it by the handle bars and own that shit.


I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I have 2 older sisters and amazing parents. Growing up, I was always a daddy’s girl, hanging out with him in the garage, fishing, and building stuff. I loved to play softball and swimming, but reading, telling stories, and writing were my passion, even at a young age.

I took a break from writing for a while, but you could always find me with a book in my hand.

I have three children–two boys and a girl. They are my whole world. Even when I’m having the worst day ever, they brighten up my day and make me smile.

A few years ago, there was this story that would always play out in my head and no matter how many times I went through it, from beginning to end, it would never fade. So I decided to put it on paper.

I didn’t plan on publishing it, but when it was almost done, a friend asked to read it. She said it was a story that needed to be shared. And that’s what started my writing career.

I love all genres of books, and even though I started with writing MC Romance, I have a whole book of ideas, so you can expect more from me than just MC, though romance is in my blood.

Even though I currently work two jobs, my ultimate dream is to become a full time author. I want to be able to spend my days filling pages with stories. I want to be the reason people find a reason to smile or laugh from lines on a page. Reading a book allows me to live in someone else’s shoes, even if only for a few minutes. It’s a way to leave my life and troubles behind and I want to be help others do that as well.


Rewriting Destiny #1 – Dani and Zane’s story and prequel to the series

Fighting Destiny #2 – Toby and Sara’s story

Born Into Destiny #2.5 – A Forsaken Sinners MC Series Novella

Defying Destiny #3 – Louie’s story








Pretty Dancer

By Cora Graham 




Available on KindleUnlimited



Since she was a little girl, all she ever wanted to do was dance…

But what happens, when the ones meant to protect you above all others are the ones to hurt you the most?

For Lilly, it was easier to hide within herself and her dancing.

Until the right someone comes along and gives her a reason to fight back. He helps her to trust again. She inspires him to dream again.

With one more performance, her dream is within reach. Her past keeps her struggling for her future, but will she let it stand in the way of her dream, too?

Will her dream come true? Does she have what it takes? Can she overcome the demons of her past and find herself again?

First Love, Humor, Passion, Artistry, a story of acceptance.



My name is Cora Graham. I live in Northwest Arkansas with my wonderful husband and two awesome children, our sweet dog Carly and not so sweet cat Mr. Gru. I am a stay at home mother of two very energetic, very handsome (not that I’m biased or anything), imaginative, keep me on my toes every second of the day little boys. The thing I absolutely love to do most in life is spend time with my family.

I’m a pretty boring, quiet person in reality. I have an unhealthy (what the husband thinks) addiction to coffee. I need coffee in a don’t talk to me until I’ve had my first sip kind of way. When I’m driving alone in my van (that I love) I happen to think I’m the best singer in the world and there is no song I can’t sing. Don’t laugh, you know you do it too. And to my husbands baffled amazement, I love love love martial arts movies. They’re my guilty pleasure.

What no one knows about me (until now) is that I’ve always had these imaginary conversations flowing through my head, with these imaginary people, telling me their imaginary stories. Since having kids of my own, I’ve discovered a bravery I didn’t know I had. I tell my boys to be brave in all things, there is nothing they can’t do or become. Of course with kids, those dreams can change daily. It’s their bravery and dreamful little minds of becoming a scientist, policeman, firefighter (I’ve even heard ninja) that gave me the inspiration to do what I’ve always done in my head. Tell stories.

My hope is that people will love reading my stories as much as I’ve come to love writing them.








Risk (Love & Corruption #1.5)

By Bree Pierce 




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Zayin: Pain. Being away from her was physical and mental anguish for Zayin Rhodes. Her flowing platinum hair and grey, discerning eyes were branded on him. There would never be another woman for him. Never. If he couldn’t have her, he might whither and turn to ash as he slowly died inside. The cold façade Zayin put on so many times when the job required it would become his only look if that happened. Avery: Falling in love with anyone but John Rhodes hadn’t been in the plan. But things had warped terribly out of control and Avery found herself longing for John’s cousin, Zayin, as John announced that he would be marrying Jane, a hostage of the Rhodes family. Due to those strange circumstances, Zayin and Avery share a night of passion that changes everything. Now decisions must be made as to whether she is going to stay or run. She would be leaving with her lover’s baby, and with an angry mob boss searching for her. Is love really worth the risk of staying though?



Love & Corruption



I have always lived in the deep south, Arkansas, and grew up in a very rural area. Some of that you will see that I have incorporated into my books. I like the small town and rural area feel of things. I am married to a wonderful husband and have three fantastic kids and a rambunctious dog. My days are busy and hectic because I am a stay-at-home mom, but I love it! Writing is just one of the things I am passionate about! I also love to read and have always enjoyed art.



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Cirque: Act 1

By Ashleigh Giannoccaro




Amazon US:

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A boy looked in a window, to see a naughty show. Through the pane of pain, the master clown did blow. The circus is a holy tent, the keeper of my rhyme. Where I forged my chains, creating this pantomime. Pretending to be normal, I wait until after dark. Then I paint the frown on, get a whore from the park At the bottom of that bed was a darling in a chest. She watched with big eyes, horror hooking her from rest She dances for the maniac, twirling on her strings. I will make her mine, sharing damaged things I will be her riddle, she will help me grin. So why does she run away, she has to let me in. No one loves the clown, not even the midget We’ve gone too far, she will know my secret. Love can break the hardest mask, I know this to be true. Nightmares have hearts too, I only needed you.




Bestselling Author Ashleigh Giannoccaro writes edgy dark romance and erotic horror, self published by choice she writes the stories others don’t dare. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and two daughters Ashleigh enjoys writing stories that make you fall in love with the unlovable and leave you asking questions. When not writing she can be found with her kindle in a sunny spot reading or traveling with her family.



Facebook Author page:

Ashleigh’s Assassin’s (reader group):






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