Book Review, Not a Game by Cardeno C.


Not a Game (Friends, #1)

Not a Game by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This has been by far my favourite book from Cardeno C. The pace was excellent, it drew me in and it was completely captivating. The characters are beautiful and Cardeno possesses the skills to make the reader fall in love with the story.
Oliver Barnaby is a computer genius, he lacks confidence and he feels physically unable to get the attention of any suitors, past relationships have made him uncomfortable and insecure, leaving him with a terrible fear of befriending anyone or with any chance of love. Having left his family and his life behind he gets a fresh start in a new city with an exciting job. He resorts to hiring the services of an Escort agency in order to gain the confidence he needs and hopefully repair the damage his past lover has left in his heart. What was supposed to be a simple meeting ends up being the best life altering event which will ultimately provide Oliver with the much needed affection and care he so desperately craves.
Jaime is everything Oliver isn’t, confident, successful, handsome and wealthy; but all these attributes aren’t making him happy and his monotonous life seems to be lacking something; he wasn’t expecting on falling in love nor was he expecting to pretend to be someone he isn’t, but the heart is a powerful organ and when it wants something it will stop at nothing to get it, driving Jaime to live a lie in order to find his HEA, he only hopes that by doing so he won’t end up loosing what he loves the most.

Cardeno delights us readers with this beautiful tale of love in the must unlikely of circumstances.


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