Book Review, Travis: To accompany the Fallen Angel series by Tracie Podger



Travis: To accompany the Fallen Angel series by Tracie Podger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved Travis in Fallen Angel series. Travis story is told from his point of view. His story is an emotional one. We are told about his childhood and all he endured in it. We still see his innocence and his loving nature. When he is alone on the streets of Washington DC he has to grow up fast and does things he is not proud of just to survive. He meets Robert Stone his protector and someone he calls his best friend. Travis loves him like a brother. We learn so much about the bond Travis and Robert share. When Travis and Robert meet Evelyn she becomes a very important part of their lives. There is few new things we learned in this book that makes me admire and love Travis more than I already did. He is a good man, great friend, loyal and so caring. He just needs the love of a good woman to make his story complete.

Thank you for sharing Travis story with us. I loved it.

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