Book Review, Platform Four: A Legacy Falls Romance by Eden Butler

Platform Four: A Legacy Falls Romance

Platform Four: A Legacy Falls Romance by Eden Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard
This was some piece of wonderful, a war-time historical short read. This book literally put its hooks in and told a complete, in depth story and didn’t let go to the last page. All previous war-time historical books I’ve read have been set in Europe or England. This book was set in the US, alongside European letters from the front and I really enjoyed this perspective.

Ada the heroine has a brief encounter only lasting a few hours with Irish Garreth.

“He seemed, well, genuine. Maybe it was the flash of something helpless in his eyes, or how he held tight to my arm not as a possession but almost like a lifeline, that gave me the impression he wasn’t being forward, but was actually just the smallest bit desperate.”

Garreth might have felt desperate, getting ready to travel to the front, but he was a man I took to immediately. What ensues between these two is heartache so darn palpable that my heart ached too. There is a strong theme of family in this book and all those elements made for a rich story.

““When I give my word, it sticks, Miss Ada.” He’d said that to me the day we met. I believed him then. I believed it now.”

The writing was excellent and the description vividly transported me to the era, the characters and the feelings. The feelings, they poured out of me in this one, especially from 60%.

Eden Butler showed great talent in writing a story just over 100 pages that had depth and completion and had all the feels. If she writes more from this genre and era, I’m on board; a favourite of 2016.

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