Book Review, Saving Ren (Barretti Security Series, #3) by Sloane Kennedy

Saving Ren (Barretti Security Series, #3)
Saving Ren by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am loving this series!!.
Well I love anything that is written by Sloane and I must admit I cheated because I started this series with this book, I just couldn’t resist it, I love the M/M/M romance stories and after having read Vengeance I needed more.
This book was exactly as I expected, it had romance but plenty of angst alongside and the traditional flawless story line which is characteristic of each book that Sloane’s has written.

Jagger, Ren and Declan are 3 very different characters yet they all have been missing something all their lives, Declan has loved someone from afar for so long that when this person’s life crumbles in front of him he does everything in his power to keep him safe, even if it means lying to the only family he has left; as a cop is in his nature to seek justice and fight for the truth, but when he meets Jagger after getting arrested he suddenly can’t explain the internal battle he has with his emotions.
Jagger has grown up with a learning disability which has made him the laughing stock of others, not only that, he’s been unlucky to be the target of someone in high ranks for many years, his life has been based on survival and fighting is in his nature which has allowed him to now work for the prestigious Barretti brothers.
After his first impression of Declan, Jagger thinks he is just another badge without scruples, but after a surprise encounter when Declan is at his lowest things start to become clearer for Jagger. After that fateful night fate puts both Jagger and Declan in front of Ren’s line of fire, literally, and from that moment a promise it’s forged between them which will change their lives forever.

5 BRIGHT stars for lack of more. I couldn’t put this book down and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.
Sloane is indeed a master at writing gay romance and it’s not surprise why she’s dominated the charts in the genre and her books are Bestsellers. Simply perfect!

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