Book Review, The Studying Hours by Sara Ney

The Studying Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #1)
The Studying Hours by Sara Ney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard

I need to rave about this book. This is a ‘new to me’ author and a friend gifted and recommended the book. I’d already seen it on my feed and liked the blurb. This book blew my expectations out of the water from like to love. This is rom-com at its best and where I find most of the rom-com books I read are contemporary age-group, this was college-aged. It worked fantastically well and I lost myself, living vicariously through the characters.

Sebastian ‘Oz’ is the douche from the title, living up to his name but he amused me constantly. He’s not annoying at all. Jamieson (female) is the epitome of a strong, snarky, feisty woman and I loved her no-b******t attitude. She didn’t flip flop into a sap at the sight of a hot guy. There’s a distinct lack of angst in this book and I really enjoyed that aspect, that’s not to say there’s no complications but it sticks to the genre of funny love. What got me was a clever twist later in the book.

One of the highlights of this book are the chapter-heading statements douche-style that had me absolutely laughing and sharing the odd screenshot with a friend, because you cannot keep stuff like that to yourself. Sarah Ney is truly on my radar now, her writing was fun and flowed well. She writes chemistry and connection with expertise. I’m absolutely thrilled to see my hope that the next book will tackle the obnoxious Zeke; roll on book two.

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