Book Review, TONIC by Staci Hart

Tonic by Staci Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Firstly, I just love this cover! I kept going back to it whilst reading, it is such a good visual of these two characters. And secondly, I just loved this book! Another winner for Staci Hart!

Joel is the owner of Tonic Tattoo Parlour, this is where Patrick (Tricky) works. Joel and his brother run the shop and it is has been their life since their parents passed away. It is Shep’s idea to have their shop become a reality TV show hit. Joel isn’t all that keen on the idea, being a private sorta guy, but decides its best they do it before any other shop does. In walks Annika, the Executive Producer for the show. She is classy, and gorgeous and an Ice Queen, that makes Joel want to melt. There are reasons you should never mix business with pleasure, and Hairy and Princess find out the hard way why. Hopefully with a little, or a lot of goo, they can move passed the hurt and lies and come out the other end with a HEA.

Annika is a strong willed woman that has a no holds barred attitude, when it comes to work. Her family are a different matter. Joel is the total opposite, he is a stubborn bear, but just a big softie with everyone. The way these two compliment each other is endearing. I so loved that Hairy came to cheer up Kari. And his gift to Anni after was precious. I know I am going to have a colossal book hangover after this one. I even loved reading the acknowledgements at the end. Staci has a huge heart and it is felt right through this book.

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