Five Star Book Review, ForePlay- A Checkmate, Inc, Novel by Shelly Alexander

ForePlay - A Checkmate, Inc. Novel

ForePlay – A Checkmate, Inc. Novel by Shelly Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Foreplay is a fun read. Leo is such a different hero and made the story so entertaining. Leo is a brilliant nerd. Yep that’s right a nerd. He and his chess playing genius buddies started Checkmate, Inc., a sort of dating service to help men like themselves be more appealing to women.

Chloe is Leo’s sisters friend and is in PR. Checkmate finds itself in need of some good PR and Chloe is their girl. A sexy, funny and at times dramatic story ensues.

I loved that this is a completely different angle from other romances I have read. ForePlay was refreshing and brilliant read. When you read as much as I do, it is always great to read something different. I would highly suggest this one!

It was easy to connect to the characters and all the characters were great. I look forward to future books about the other Checkmate, Inc. guys!

I was provided a copy for an honest review.

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