Five Star Book Review, How to Date a Douchebag: The Studying Hours by Sara Ney

The Studying Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #1)

The Studying Hours by Sara Ney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

Omg this book was sooooooo much pure FUN!!! I literally laughed and snorted the whole way through! How to Date a Douchebag is a fantastic college sports romance (my fave) with some awesome characters, some of whom you’ll love, some you’ll love to hate and will roll your eyes at, and some that’ll make you think ‘oh I totally know someone exactly like that’!

Oz and James meet when the big, beefy, deliciously sexy captain of the wrestling team Oz is dared by his friends to get the prissy, pearl necklace and cardigan wearing Jameson to give him a kiss in the library of all places! From word go, James had no tolerance for Oz’s b.s. and let’s him know it every chance she gets. While there is definitely some heat from their first meeting, they instead form an interesting friendship as Oz isn’t really capable of emotional attachments and James just doesn’t want to get hurt.

The chemistry between Oz and James is so freaken obvious from the word go and the banter between them is hilarious! They each give as good as they get and it was nice watching them find their way. I was fully prepared at one stage to write the author hate mail (that’s a joke) but she’s safe. For now. She should totally watch her back though.

Oz is a bit of an ass when it comes to girls and what he can get out of them, but he’s actually an admirable person. I wasn’t expecting the reasoning behind his career choices for the future and was thus pleasantly surprised. There’s definitely more to him than meets the eye. I think if I have one problem -if you can call it that -is that I would’ve liked a bit more background on Jameson. As it was, she’s insanely likable; she’s smart and a smart-ass, and has sooooo much more to her than what you initially see, but I would have just liked a glimpse into her past; family etc. however, this is such a minor detail that it didn’t affect my complete enjoyment of the book. I highlighted so many passages and one-liners as I was reading and I LOVED the chapter starter quotes. I was in hysterics with some of those!

I confess to being amazed that Ney managed to redeem the douchebag and I’m eagerly awaiting book two because she’ll definitely have her work cut out for her with redeeming Zeke! This was a fantastic book and one I highly recommend.

*Reviewed by Melinda for Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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