Five Star Book Review, The Facilitator by Tracie Podger

The Facilitator
The Facilitator by Tracie Podger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Lauren loves her life and despises her ex Scott. What girl wouldn’t after the way he treated her. Lauren’s best friend Jerry is also her boss. He has been a great friend to her and wants the best for her.

Lauren meets a hot guy in the hotel bar named Mackenzie. They agree to a one night stand. Which is totally not something Lauren has ever done before. The sex is off the charts for both of them.

The next day Lauren finds out he is going to be her new boss.

Mackenzie wants to learn more about Lauren and wants to help her explore her sexual fantasies.

I loved this book. The story is a panty melting read. Mackenzie leads Lauren on a wonderful journey of self discovery and in turn he learns a few things as well.

I look forward to your next release!

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