Five Star Book Review, The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

The Sexy One
The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

Blakely delivers a seriously sweet, swoony, infinitely satisfying and, as the title may suggest, sexy read with The Sexy One and frankly, with Simon.

The Sexy One is a slightly forbidden, slightly older single (swoony) dad -a la Chris Hemsworth -Simon and his daughters nanny, Abby both of whom we briefly met in Mister O and then again in Well Hung.

Simon is the stuff dreams (or fictional boyfriends) are made of. He’s sexy, he’s a complete sweetheart, and he’s utterly devoted to being the best dad he can be to Hayden. I’m so so SO glad he wasn’t written as a fumbling, bumbling, single dad. Quite the opposite, actually. He’s a hands-on and adoring father to the precocious Hayden, does braids with the best of them, and doesn’t want to risk her happiness for a minute. Abby is equally as amazing. She has a deep and genuine love for Hayden and its absolutely mutual. Her sense of humor, her quick-wittedness, and her sweet nature make her the perfect fit for the darling duo.

These two are crushing so hard on each other but both think it’s unrequited. The dancing around the attraction on both their parts is so so sweet and I adored their text and email exchanges! I had so many aww moments and read this delightful romance with a huge smile. I loved the slow and natural progression of the relationship between Simon and Abby as it would have made no sense for them to just jump into things without careful consideration, given the circumstances. I adored the perfection of the characters and their story and love that it magically appeared on my kindle just as I was seeking a single-dad book!

Blakely has infused this story with so much heart and soul and if this story is a cliché, then you can give me clichés any day of the week! This book will far from disappoint; Simon, Abby, and Hayden will steal your hearts with this beautiful story!

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda from Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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