Book Review, Banned by Cara Chance

Reviewed by Isa Jones

Banned cover

Banned by Cara Chance
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I received an ARC of this book as a prize in a competition and it was a nice surprise.

Did I love the book? NO, did I enjoy it? YES.

I think is too hard sometimes to appreciate a story that is very short. I feel this book had great potential if it had been a longer read and therefore my review is reflection of this.
There are so many books out there that fall under the same category and lately I have read few MFM’s (Manège) so as I was reading I felt things were just hotting up when suddenly we reached the end.

I wont go into much detail as I may be giving away the imminent plot but in this story we meet Katie who after few failed attempts is desperate to get rid of her “V” card. Whilst on a night out with her friends at a strip club she has a very hot and close encounter with one of the dancers, she can’t believe her luck the and the turn of events, sadly things come to an abrupt end and she is unable to know the identity of the hunk who practically made all her dreams come true; that is until she comes to her mum’s house to meet her future Stepdaddy. Things speed up from here onwards and unfortunately this only left me wishing things would have moved at a slower pace to thoroughly explore the characters and made the story more enjoyable. The two male leads were well written and the steamy scenes provided plenty for the readers imagination.

Fans of quick reads with a plethora of steamy situations will enjoy this story.

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