Book Review, Being Brooke by Emma Hart

Reviewed by Monique Cashmere

Being Brooke

Being Brooke by Emma Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars



I am not one to go all goo goo gar over a book cover – but how refreshing is this one! Love it!
And the inside is just as good.

Brooke Barker is the best and worst best friend you can have. She is the best because she is funny and sarcastic and extremely honest. She can be your worst best friend because she is extremely honest! The sarcasm I can handle, no problem! The only thing she has been lying about to her best male friend – Cain Elliot – is that she has been in love with him for the last 10 years! Her best female friend, Carly knows it, her mum knows it, well heck all her family and friends know it except Cain, who is in a relationship with evil Barbie.

Brooke has dropped out of college again, in a job she hates, kicked out of home to grow up, and living alone. She is constantly falling over, tripping up and dropping things. She is one hot mess! Unless she is baking, then she is in her element. She is too scared to tell Cain of her real feelings, and ruin their friendship. But when his relationship with Nina is being more caustic than normal, Brooke needs to put her granny panties on and pull out the honesty card and tell Cain how she feels. Can she do it? Or is being best friends for so long, just to awkward to take to the next level?

This book is not only a friends to lovers story told in Brooks’ POV, but also a book where the character has plenty of growth without loosing all the fun. She is so funny and sarcastic, she reminds me of some people I know and love! A little added tit bit, is each chapter starts with a funny life tip that will keep you amused. Even though it takes a realistic amount of time for this couple to see the light, the book is a great quick rom com that you won’t want to miss.

** I received an early copy for an honest review. **
** Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.**

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