Book Review, Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Reviewed by Isa Jones 

Bet Me

Bet Me by Lila Monroe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


OMG I laughed so much with this book, from the very first page it had me in stitches!

I received an Arc from the Author and I am so pleased I did. Bet Me was thoroughly entertaining and it had an original plot. I have to say I think it hit a nerve there as I think we could all see ourselves in Lizzy and how as a woman you are constantly looking for a bit of romance and TLC in your love life.

Lizzy is a curator for a prominent museum and after several (really terrible) dates, she goes on a massive rant with her sister, she “thinks” she is leaving her a message on her computer chat without realising she is actually uploading it into social media. Everything would have been fine, if the rant would have been just about her share of bad dates, however she decides she is going on a sex strike until she is treated with the respect and adoration she deserves. From this point onward the story takes on a hilarious tone and you are urged to keep on reading to see the misadventures and repercussions that this has not only on Lizzie’s life but everyone around her. Particularly Jake. OMG How can I describe Jake. He is the typical leading man character, with plenty of wittiness and enviable charisma, he is just genuinely charming and you can’t help but love him from the get go. There is history between the leads and when they are teamed to bring Hollywood sass to the museum this opens the window to something they both had been looking for but neither thought they could ever find.

Great rom-com one I would love to see in the big screen!. More please =)

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