Book Review, Claimed by Two Masters by Claire Thompson

Reviewed by Isa Jones 

Claimed by Two Masters (BDSM Connections #3)

Claimed by Two Masters by Claire Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars



I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to review this book, the blurb had me hooked and was dying to read on.
I hadn’t read a BDSM book in a while because there was a time when I just couldn’t get enough of the genre, I think after Fifty Shades a lot of books and Authors were riding the wave and were desperate to be the next top read, so I think is hard after all these years to come up with a storyline which is fresh and original.

I have to say I thought the idea behind the plot was very clever and as I mentioned before after reading so many books of the kind I guess you could say, I had some expectations. Claire however completely surprised me because it wasn’t what I was expecting at all and for that I congratulate her.

Shea is a very clever woman who has pretty much based her assumptions on sex on theoretical explanations, she is completely knowledgeable as far as information is concerned but in the practical department is Nil-pwa! her desire is another thing entirely and she lives vicariously through her fantasies. When a visit to a BDSM club places her in the path of Masters Zack and Steve her fantasies which have been a thing of her vivid imagination, soon are the forefront of her mind and a very tempting opportunity arises.

Zack and Steve have been friends for a long time, and have shared subs in the past, their experience and reputation in the world of BDSM has given them the opportunity to train many couples, subs and Doms in the do’s and don’ts of the scene. Meeting Shea at first seems like a perfect opportunity to explore her submissive side but neither thought that her innocence which was running deeper that what they imagined was going to be such a turn on.
Once the three start the process it gives them more than what they bargained for and soon some lines are very dangerously close to being crossed.
Each of them has their own demons but each in turn complements the other so well so what begins as a path to one woman exploration soon is a life changing scenario.

I loved the dialogue and the descriptive. I would have liked more interaction between the leads, I feel each could have been dealt in more depth to completely get that connection which is shaping through the pages. A very enjoyable read nonetheless and very well put together story.
Plenty of XXX material for fans of BDSM MFM stories.

ACR received in exchange of an honest review.

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